RaskirthRaskirth Singh

A student attending Indiana University, pursuing a degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Mr. Singh has been keen to serving the community, therefore, is pursuing a career as a physician. Mr. Singh spends a majority of his time by volunteering for Habitat of Humanity as well as two homeless shelters. Mr. Singh envisions a future that does not have to be controlled by the wrath of poverty. Mr. Singh hopes that with the resources that Universal Health Aid embraces to reduce the poverty level.
JosephJoseph Jansky
Vice President

An undergraduate attending Indiana University, Mr. Jansky is pursuing a degree in Biology as well as a minor in Chemistry. Joseph’s plans are to become a respectable physician throughout his community. The most important quality that represents Joseph is his genuine interest in the well-being of others. Joseph volunteers with various assisted living centers aiding residents impaired by various mental disorders. Along with Universal Health Aid, Joseph would be able to escalate his role in a community, as well as assist the less fortunate of Gary, Indiana.
GurkiranGurkiran Kaur

A current freshman at Indiana University, Gurkiran is obtaining her Bachelor’s as a Psychology major and a Chemistry minor. Gurkiran brings quite a bit to the table. She is currently working at Franciscan Hospital and is familiar with a hospital setting. Ms. Kaur spends a great deal of time volunteering for homeless shelters and at senior citizen homes. Gurkiran envisions a better future; which is not just the rich or the poor, but all humans.
JessicaJessica Marinceski

A student pursuing a degree in Biology at Indiana University and continuing on to complete a master’s degree in Pharmacy. Ms. Marinceski enjoys any opportunity to better ones health. In the meantime, Jessica volunteers at community hospitals as well as services at church to assist anyone in need. With the help of Universal Health Aid, Jessica would be able to extend an aiding hand to those who are unable to receive medical assistance.

Geeta KurraDr. Geeta Kurra
Medical Advisor

No cancer is to big for Dr. Kurra to tackle. Dr. Kurra has been an oncologist for about ten years now. She attended Siddhartha medical College and then did her residency at Morristown Memorial Hospital and later went onto doing fellowship in Hematology and Oncology. Dr. Kurra has also spent was research associate for regenerative medicine at New Jersey Stem Cell Research and Education Foundation. Dr. Kurra is part of various professional Society Memberships including: American Society of Hematology, American Medical Association, American Society of Oncology, and American Chapter of Physicians. Dr. Kurra has attained countless awards, one of them being Suzanne Mantone Ambulatory Care Award, Morristown Memorial Hospital NJ for outstanding patient care. Dr. Kurra brings a lot to the table from her extensive medical career. Dr. Kurra has been predominantly practicing in Northwest Indiana so Dr. Kurra knows the general trends of what most patients possess in terms of healthcare.